What is Human Flourishing?

Our primary goal is to help people create more moments of flourishing, to increase their levels of well-being from wherever they are. We believe we can only do this authentically and safely if we use all the science that is available and allow any and every individual the opportunity to learn how to use it effectively in their own lives.

There are many frameworks of Positive Psychology that have been developed in recent years. Some vastly more popular than others and all derived by the author, from the authors individual perspective and motivation. We have chosen a newer model referred to scientifically as the DPF-5 in it’s fascinating paper A psycho-social system approach to well-being: Empirically deriving the Five Domains of Positive Functioning. Rusk, R., and Waters, L. (April 2014) as our framework.

We view this framework as much more scientifically robust than the many others, as it empirically defines and systematically presents the full scope of areas and all facets within those areas that contribute to wellbeing outcomes, flourishing, optimal functioning and all the other ways in which the science of positive psychology is described.

We love it because it allows us to simply and easily connect people to the areas of their life, the relevant science to each area, and the tools and practical activities that can enhance and make a positive impact in each of those areas of a person’s life.

The Landscape of Flourishing

We call it our Landscape for Flourishing and each of these are the design elements for that Landscape. They represent how we pay attention and what we pay attention to; how we view the world and events in our lives and the ways in which we cope and build coping strategies; it is our experience of emotion and how well we are equipped to incorporate our emotional experience into our thoughts and behavior; what we choose to pursue and how we choose to pursue it; and how we interact with others, build relationships and behave in ways that enhance their quality.

Flourishing, happiness, optimal functioning, or well-being, whatever you choose to call a life worth living, is made up of many moments, instances, inputs and outputs from across this entire landscape. Like all landscapes, the terrain is varied and different, attractive and inspiring to different people and in different ways. Science has given us some rich empirical evidence about how to increase the odds that the landscape we design or find ourselves in from time to time is one where we have more moments of flourishing, increased levels of well-being and happiness and a better-equipped toolkit to more effectively deal with moments of difficulty that we may encounter in our landscape.

The 5 domains of Positive Functioning


Much of our experience is made up of what we pay attention to. Our landscape is therefore made up from and biased by the things we pay the most attention to. Attention and Awareness is our first design element for our Landscape for Flourishing.


The second design element for our Landscape for Flourishing is Comprehension and Coping. After we pay attention, what happens next is determined by what we do with it.


All the suffering and joy that we all experience in our lives, regardless of the context, stems from the emotions we have in relation to our moment by moment experiences in the world.


Setting, pursuing and achieving goals is an essential part of our human make up and critical to designing our landscape. When we lack purpose and direction it is very difficult for us to be at our best.


In a successfully designed landscape we need to have enough positive relationships that are a source of enrichment, vitality and growth in our lives. Science shows us that one of the common themes amongst people who are happier in life is the strength and quality of the relationships they have in their lives.

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