Landscape for Flourishing

Discover a profound reduction in stress, an increase in positive emotions, emotional balance, enhanced resilience, and an array of other empirically documented wellbeing benefits.

Experience the transformative power of mindfulness and unlock its full potential for your personal growth and flourishing.

What is Human Flourishing?


Our primary objective is to assist individuals in cultivating an abundance of fulfilling experiences and elevating their overall well-being, regardless of their starting point. We firmly believe that the most authentic and secure way to achieve this is by harnessing the wealth of scientific knowledge available and granting every individual the opportunity to effectively apply it in their own lives.

Over the years, numerous frameworks within Positive Psychology have emerged, each with varying degrees of popularity and developed from the unique perspectives and motivations of their creators. After careful consideration, we have chosen a relatively new model known scientifically as the DPF-5, as presented in the compelling paper titled “A psycho-social system approach to well-being: Empirically deriving the Five Domains of Positive Functioning” by Rusk, R., and Waters, L. (April 2014), as our guiding framework.


We perceive this particular framework as scientifically robust, surpassing many others, as it empirically defines and systematically presents a comprehensive range of areas and facets within those areas that contribute to well-being outcomes, flourishing, optimal functioning, and the various aspects encompassed by the science of positive psychology.

What we find particularly appealing about this framework is its ability to effortlessly connect individuals with the different areas of their lives, the pertinent scientific knowledge associated with each area, and the practical tools and activities that can enhance and positively impact every facet of their lives.

The Landscape of Flourishing


We have named it our “Landscape of Flourishing,” and each of these elements serves as its foundational design components. They encompass how we direct our attention and the objects of our focus, our perspectives on the world and the events within our lives, as well as our coping mechanisms and the strategies we employ.

Additionally, they encompass our emotional experiences and our ability to integrate those experiences into our thoughts and behaviors. Furthermore, they encompass our aspirations and the manner in which we pursue them, as well as our interactions with others, the relationships we build, and the behaviors that enrich their quality.

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Flourishing, happiness, optimal functioning, or well-being—whichever term resonates with your understanding of a fulfilling existence—is composed of numerous moments, instances, inputs, and outcomes across this expansive landscape. Similar to any landscape, its terrain is diverse and unique, appealing and inspiring individuals in different ways.

Through scientific exploration, we have acquired substantial empirical evidence on how to increase the likelihood of designing or finding ourselves in a landscape where we experience more moments of flourishing, heightened levels of well-being and happiness, and possess a better-equipped set of tools to effectively navigate challenging moments that may arise within our personal landscape.

The Five Domains of Positive Functioning

These domains serve as gateways to unlocking our potential for personal growth, fulfillment, and resilience, allowing us to navigate life’s challenges with greater wisdom and embrace its joys more fully. 

Much of our experience is made up of what we pay attention to.
Our landscape is therefore made up from and biased by the things we pay the most attention to. Attention and Awareness is our first design element for our Landscape for Flourishing.

The second design element for our Landscape for Flourishing is Comprehension and Coping. After we pay attention, what happens next is determined by what we do with it.

All the suffering and joy that we all experience in our lives, regardless of the context, stems from the emotions we have in relation to our moment by moment experiences in the world.

Setting, pursuing and achieving goals is an essential part of our human make up and critical to designing our landscape. When we lack purpose and direction it is very difficult for us to be at our best.

In a successfully designed landscape we need to have enough positive relationships that are a source of enrichment, vitality and growth in our lives. Science shows us that one of the common themes amongst people who are happier in life is the strength and quality of the relationships they have in their lives.


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