Unlocking the Science of Human Flourishing

humans being better humans

What is Mind Insurance?

We teach individuals, families, teams, organisations, community groups - humans the practical skills they need to improve their happiness, wellbeing and build the psychological fitness to successfully navigate the challenges of life today and tomorrow.

The name Mind Insurance is a play on health insurance extras – extras packages for your mind. 

We insure everything else, our physical health, our house, our car, our income – what if we also took our psychological wellbeing as seriously and took steps to insure ourselves against the devastating effects of stress, burnout, poor self regard and implemented strategies to enhance our psychological health, sense of meaning and purpose and to experience daily flourishing.

At Mind Insurance we offer a fully integrated suite of delivery options from off the shelf online solutions to tailored face to face programs, that harness the science of human flourishing, to individuals and organisations. Our main goal is to help humans to be better humans.

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Products & Services

Coaching and Consulting

Face to face tailored solutions for individuals and organisations.

Through our CEO and founder, Mel Neil, we work with individuals and organisations to offer tailored solutions for your needs offering services such as strengths based development, leadership programs, strategic development, coaching, emotional intelligence training and more.

Happiness Lab

A game changing personal and professional development platform that unlocks the science of human flourishing.

A personal and professional development platform that uses empirically proven assessments and tools, and provides individuals and organisations with the opportunity to have access to this type of development at an affordable price.


Learning paths that build human flourishing.

Our learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance.

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