What is Mind Insurance?

Mind Insurance is a professional and personal development company that harnesses leading positive psychology research. An idea that was formed over many years by our founder and CEO Mel Neil. Mel has been consulting and coaching for over 15 years, the Happiness Lab platform was designed and launched in 2017 and our newest product Academy is launching in the last half of 2019.

Mel saw a gap in the market for professional and personal development programs that weren’t cost-effective and didn’t offer impactful and sustained human and business benefits. Through her vision Mind Insurance has been created to fill that gap. Accessibility, practicality, affordability and sustainability are the key pillars and foundation that Mind Insurance is based upon.

About our founder, Mel Neil

Mel Neil is an Australian positive psychology practitioner and consultant and is the founder and CEO of Mind Insurance. She designs and delivers custom emotional intelligence and strengths-based leadership and performance programs for public and private sector clients. As a credentialed trainer in leading emotional intelligence and positive psychology assessment instruments, Mel also provides certified training, course facilitation, strategic planning and coaching.

Mel’s innovative programs are recognised by peak bodies both domestically and internationally. She co-designed the first Australian Government accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology which is now delivered in the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. She also co-designed and continues to facilitate the Award-Winning Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program.

The uniting theme of Mel’s work is her desire to empower and facilitate the success of individuals and communities. This objective drives the astute application of her positive psychology research, knowledge and skills to teach both leaders and teams how to increase personal, business and collective wellbeing.

Mel Neil web portrait

Looking for more information?

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