About our founder, Mel Neil

For over 15 years, founder and CEO of Mind Insurance, Mel Neil has facilitated education and application opportunities for individuals and corporations to apply change and realise their full potential. In her extensive career, she has educated many thousands of individuals in Emotional Intelligence, focusing on presenting the empirical science and current research to lead others to an understanding and application of human flourishing.

Mel’s unique approach is driven by a desire to empower people of all backgrounds to make life-long change that is relevant and sustainable. Passionate in her belief that everyone has the right to the science of flourishing, Mel tailors packages and courses by applying careful consideration to people’s unique needs and interests. This allows workshop and course participants to experience long term success, gaining a thorough understanding of the science of their emotions and of human flourishing.

The success of Mel’s programs is evident in the development of a true understanding and maintenance of psychological wellbeing in her participants. Rather than focusing on products, participants learn the science and access relevant tools to allow them to effectively utilise the research for their own needs.

Mel sees her role as holding a space where she can teach the science in a practical way to those who can use it to improve the areas of their life that they wish to change. Whether through the award-winning Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program, the Happiness Lab, the Academy, or a program created just for you, learning from Mel will change your life and the lives of those around you.

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Our Guiding Principles In Everything We Do


Multi delivery models and blended solutions for individuals, groups, organisations and communities.


We've watched the science of flourishing be monetised and taken out of the hands of those without resources and we are determined to change that.


Everything we do is backed by science, so we want the changes that people make to last and make a real difference.


We bring the science to life in practical ways that anyone can implement in their daily lives and get immediate results that they can continue to build on over time.

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