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Through our fully integrated suite of delivery options: Consulting & Coaching, the Happiness Lab, and Academy, we help humans be better humans.

If you didn’t get the chance to come and chat to one of our team or catch Mel’s speaker session on Emotional Intelligence: The Foundation of Leadership at the conference please keep scrolling below.

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Emotional Intelligence: The Foundation of Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is a set of learnable skills that enables us to effectively understand, use, and manage emotions – our own and others.


  • A personality trait
  • A soft skill
  • Getting along well
  • Fluffy
  • Just for leaders
  • EQ
  • Daniel Goleman
  • A measurement tool

Emotional Intelligence by the Numbers

Facilitate higher performance in others (23%)
Increase engagement (22%)
Higher levels of wellbeing (19%)
Higher levels of collaboration (14%)
Higher innovation (12%)
Lower turnover (29%)
Leadership effectiveness (36%)
Higher customer loyalty (12%)
Revenue Growth (23%)
Organising and planning ability (28%)
Quality of Team’s output (25%)
Timeliness of Team’s output (33%)
Team interpersonal effectiveness (45%)

Please reach out if you would like to talk to us about implementing a tailored Emotional Intelligence program into your organisation.

Our Products


Our proudly non-affiliated and non-accredited learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance. 

Our first online learning path Applied Emotional Intelligence is taking pre-registrations now. Use the code REIMAGINEHR at checkout during ReimagineHR 2019 (only available to ReimagineHR attendees for purchase on the 6th and 7th August 2019).

Consulting & Coaching

Through our CEO and founder, Mel Neil, we work with individuals and organisations to offer tailored solutions for your needs offering services such as strengths based development, leadership programs, strategic development, coaching, emotional intelligence training and more.

Happiness Lab

A game changing personal and professional development platform that uses empirically proven positive psychology and neuroscience assessments and tools, and provides individuals and organisations with the opportunity to have access to this type of development at an affordable price.

Sign-up today to our free Happy tier to being learning how to increase your happiness and wellbeing.