Healthy Minds: A Free Webinar Series

During this time of great uncertainty, there is a huge focus on staying physically well as we navigate our way through this global health crisis. Your mental health is equally important if not more important during this time. Our emotional wellbeing is what will enable us to make good decisions, manage the uncertainty with reduced anxiety, and adapt more successfully to the changes being thrust upon us on a daily basis.

We are committed to supporting you to maintain and nurture a healthy mind. We offer here a series of FREE webinars designed to provide you with practical tools and resources to help you navigate with confidence the changing living and working conditions you are facing. Using the leading empirical science of Human Flourishing and Emotional Intelligence ensuring you get real results that last.


Working Productively From Home

Working from home is not something we are all good at. Many of us now find ourselves thrust into this situation without any preparation. In this session we will cover key tips for creating positive and productive working habits at home. 

After this session you will confidently:

  • Plan the Day – Plan out your working day
  • Create Brain Friendly Habits – Implement brain friendly habits to ensure your mind stays fresh and you accomplish your goals
  • Develop Solutions for Common Challenges – Implement solutions for the common challenges faced by those who have learned to work from home successfully.
Register today:
  • Tuesday 21st April, 10:30AM – 11:30AM (AEST) – Closed
  • Thursday 23rd April, 7:30PM – 8:30PM (AEST) – Closed

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than Ever

We face unprecedented challenges. Our working lives have been severely disrupted, and no amount of technical skills will help us through this period of uncertainty and dislocation. Our success or failure to come through this crisis in reasonable shape will depend upon how each of us understands and manages our own emotions and the emotions of those around us. 
In this session you will learn: 
  • What is Emotional Intelligence? – What Emotional Intelligence is and isn’t
  • The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence – How Emotional Intelligence can benefit you and those around you
  • How to Develop your Emotional Intelligence– How to go about developing your Emotional Intelligence and why you should start now
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Authentic Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been a bit if a buzz word for a while now. You may have even dabbled a bit yourself. At times like these a calm mind and open heart are critical success factors to maintaining our well being and supporting others. Mindfulness practice is the core of learning how to cultivate both a calm mind and an open heart. 
In this session we will: 
  • Bust Myths About Mindfulness – Explore the many myths and poor representations of authentic mindfulness so you can be confident in your own practice
  • Understand the Benefits of Mindfulness Practice – Understand the many benefits of a daily mindfulness practice
  • Learn How to Get Started – Getting started with some practice and tips on how to start your own daily practice
Register today:
  • Tuesday 21st April 7:30pm – 8:30pm (AEST) – Closed
  • Thursday 23rd April 2:30pm – 3:30pm (AEST) – Closed

Positive Communication

It’s time to change the conversation. You are probably feeling overwhelmed at the moment with the amount of communication you are getting and sending. There is so much uncertainty, it’s hard to help people understand and focus on the key messages. Positive Communication is a framework that allows us to change the way we engage with each other whether in conversation or in writing. 
This session will provide you with tips on how to: 
  • Communicate with optimism and certainty – Provide confidence and direction in a hopeful way
  • Manage the flow and volume of communication – Audit and refine current practices for sharing information
  • Create clarity and purpose in each conversation – Helping people focus on the most important stuff amidst all the noise
Register today:
  • Wednesday 22nd April 2:30pm – 3:30pm (AEST) – Closed
  • Friday 24th April 10:30am – 11:30am (AEST) – Closed
Mel Neil is based in Victoria, Australia. All times are AEDT, all users world wide are welcome.


Mel Neil


Mel Neil is one of Australasia’s leading Master Trainers and Practitioners of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and the Science of Human Flourishing. She designs and delivers blended solutions for individuals and organisations for developing healthy minds and has a unique ability to make the empirical science and research practical and accessible to everyone.