Subjective Wellbeing for Enterprise

A world first opportunity!

Tracking the subjective wellbeing of your entire workforce or cohort every three months allows you to analyse in real time, the impact that your business activities are having on the ground. This enables powerful, more timely strategic decision making at the highest level.

  • How is change impacting upon the group?
  • Do we have more or less wellbeing capacity?
  • Do we require more or less intervention?
  • How can we be more proactive than reactive?
  • Are our initiatives working?

That kind of real time analysis provides opportunity to proactively mitigate risk, match stretch with capacity, maintain high levels of wellbeing for longer, and identify opportunities for increased support when it is really needed, never after it is too late.

Benefits & Features

  • Aggregate data collected and displayed every three months
  • Easy trend detection and analysis