Positive Goals for Enterprise

Goal attainment is a major benchmark for the experience of well being. When asked what makes for a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life, people spontaneously discuss their life goals, wishes, and dreams for the future. People spend significant amounts of their daily lives reflecting on, deciding between, and pursuing personally important and meaningful goals, goals that lend order and structure to their lives. Goals are essential components of a person’s experience of his or her life as meaningful and contribute to the process by which people construe Goals are signals that orient a person to what is valuable, meaningful, and worth doing.

Most development work centres around goal setting, neglecting the more important component of goal pursuit. We are focused on helping you build healthy frameworks around how you pursue your goals. Healthy motivation frameworks are critical to ensuring that we craft goals that are the best fit for us, that we look after ourselves whilst working towards our goals, we are able to handle setbacks along the way, and are able to make adjustments to our goals and strategies as external or internal challenges arise.

Benefits & Features

  • Enhanced goal setting in Individual Development Plans
  • Higher personal accountability
  • Integrated goal pursuit across teams/organisation