What is the Happiness Lab?

By harnessing leading positive psychology research to deliver impactful and sustained human and business benefits we are unlocking the science of human flourishing through our personal and professional development platform.

Access your Happiness Lab anywhere, anytime by simply logging in using your preferred internet browser.
Simple activities that make a real difference in your personal and professional life.
Quarterly debits to ease the burden, or pay an annual fee upfront for a discounted price.
Real changes that last!

Happiness Lab Features

Happy Package Inclusions


Daily Mindfulness Practices

Reduced stress, more positive emotion, emotional balance, higher resilience, and many more empirically documented wellbeing benefits. Our Daily Mindfulness Practices are based upon and incorporate traditional Mindfulness elements in order to maximise the benefits for you.

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Subjective Wellbeing

By measuring our Subjective Wellbeing regularly, we can start to assess how our lives are tracking and learn what circumstances and activities enhance our wellbeing, and which detract from our wellbeing.

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Core Values Motivations

People who have a greater understanding of their Core Values Motivations and are able to align more of their life's activities to those motivations are happier and more successful. In your Happiness Lab you will be able to use Schwartz' universal values measurement tool to learn about your own Values framework.

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Positive Goals

Goal attainment is a major benchmark for the experience of wellbeing. When asked what makes for a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life, people spontaneously discuss their life goals, wishes, and dreams for the future. In your Happiness Lab you'll be guided in how to set Positive Goals in your personal and professional life.

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