Wellbeing at work

Whilst wellbeing at work has been on the agenda for some years now, we still haven’t managed to fully integrate it into the daily business agenda.

Mental health injuries now outnumber physical injuries in the workplace. This is not only having a detrimental impact upon individuals and their families but is also impacting the bottom line of organisations as they struggle to find meaningful solutions to a complex problem.

Resilience has been the modern go to, but we need much more than that. Resilience is a natural outcome of an individual being able to develop the competencies necessary to protect against/reduce the risk of mental injury caused by the complexities of the modern workplace and its demands.

Developing a toolkit of resources to enable someone to be at their best includes:

  • Discovering their strengths and learning how to play to them everyday
  • Understanding what gives them a sense of meaning and purpose and how to build this into their daily work
  • Building positive relationships amongst their peers, reports, managers, customers and stakeholders
  • Cultivating an environment where there is more positivity than negativity
  • Learning what their values are and aligning more of their daily activities to those things which are most important to them
  • Setting and pursuing positive goals with healthy motivation

Enterprise Inclusions

What Organisations Can View In Their Enterprise Dashboard

  • Aggregate data displayed in real time with evidence based subjective wellbeing trends
  • Visible progress and momentum with completion statistics to manage touch points
  • The ability to view multiple cohorts in one dashboard

Happiness Lab Features

Daily Mindfulness Practices

Reduced stress, more positive emotion, emotional balance, higher resilience, and many more empirically documented wellbeing benefits. Our Daily Mindfulness Practices are based upon and incorporate traditional Mindfulness elements in order to maximise the benefits for you.

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Subjective Wellbeing

By measuring our Subjective Wellbeing regularly, we can start to assess how our lives are tracking and learn what circumstances and activities enhance our wellbeing, and which detract from our wellbeing.

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Core Values Motivations

People who have a greater understanding of their Core Values Motivations and are able to align more of their life's activities to those motivations are happier and more successful. In your Happiness Lab you will be able to use Schwartz' universal values measurement tool to learn about your own Values framework.

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Positive Goals

Goal attainment is a major benchmark for the experience of wellbeing. When asked what makes for a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life, people spontaneously discuss their life goals, wishes, and dreams for the future. In your Happiness Lab you'll be guided in how to set Positive Goals in your personal and professional life.

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Advanced Positive Goal Setting

Learn the skills to fully integrate your short term, medium term and long term goals across all areas of your life. Goal setting and goal pursuit is often taught in isolation to the bigger picture of a person's life journey. Learning to craft goals and a healthy motivation framework for those goals is the first most critical step for success.

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Strengths Profile

Use your strengths everyday and become happier, more confident, perform better at work, be more resilient and experience a whole host of more wonderful benefits. Learn about your own strengths and how to bring them to life at work and at home, and be guided through this journey by your very own Strengths Development Specialist.

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Playing to my strengths report

Developing the ability to apply your strengths in skilful ways takes time and practice. So every quarter you will have the opportunity to receive a tailored report from your Strengths Development Specialist about how you can apply your unique strengths to enhance your success of achieving your desired outcome.

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What clients are saying

I love that the product is about personal development and yet it brings so many benefits to the business as well.
Bill Wood
Owner of Active Foot Clinic Podiatry
The Mind Insurance platform has given our team the opportunity to pursue their own personal health and well-being while contributing to the growth of our organisation.
Chris Buckingham
CEO of Casey Cardinia Libraries
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Case Study: Active Foot Clinic

Improved patient outcomes, program cost reductions, overall improved business processes and workflow.

Find out how Active Foot Clinic Podiatry integrated Mind Insurance into their organisation, and what the real human and business benefits that have been achieved since employees began using our platform.