Active Foot Clinic Podiatry

Active Foot Clinic Podiatry has been dedicated to providing quality podiatry services to regional clinics in the Riverina (south-western New South Wales) for 13 years. Now boasting a growing team of 19 employees with a range of skills and backgrounds, Active Foot Clinic Podiatry are now continuing to expand their services throughout the Riverina and other areas of New South Wales.


“Being a health organisation we were attracted to the fact the platform uses assessments with high levels of scientific proof”
Bill Wood


High Turnover

Active Foot Clinic Podiatry were experiencing a period of high staff turnover. A major issue was that they needed to put a lot of training into employees. The turnover was extremely costly and time consuming. Growth was stifled, not only because of the lost management time, but also due to the lack of experience in existing staff to assist expansion.

This challenge led Active Foot Clinic Podiatry to search for a solution.

There were a number of features of Mind Insurance that attracted Active Foot Clinic Podiatry to use the platform, but what appealed the most was the use of assessments and tools that have been proven under empirical scrutiny to have real human benefits.

“Having everyone in the organisation aligned and pushing together makes a huge difference. To be aware of the team's subjective wellbeing can help us to know when to tweak and when to push-forward.”
Bill Wood



In conjunction with workshops from Mind Insurance CEO and founder Mel Neil, all 19 employees including the executive team at Active Foot Clinic Podiatry are using the platform, and it has been worked into their staff onboarding process to help people integrate into the company more quickly.

Since its implementation the platform has been found to be helping with processes across the entire business.

“Having everyone in the organisation aligned and pushing together makes a huge difference. To be aware of the team's subjective wellbeing can help us to know when to tweak and when to push-forward.”
Bill Wood

Staff Reaction

While there has been positive reactions to Mind Insurance from Active Foot Clinic Podiatry staff, what has been most noticeable in the business is what everyone has been saying about each other since they began using the platform.

“Every month we get people to select their co-workers who best reflected each of our company values. The comments they make about each other, including management were amazing.”
Bill Wood


Snapshot of Results

With a whole of organisation implementation, and a management and ownership team that took their employees along for the journey, they have been able to achieve some brilliant business results since using Mind Insurance:

  • Increase in participation rate by 82% because employees had choice and flexibility
  • Program cost 56% less than previous development program
  • Learnings used in the clinic with patients, suppliers, and the team
  • Learnings used at home with families
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased re-booking frequency
  • Increased complimentary product sales

Benefits & Impact on Workflow

The biggest benefit that Active Foot Clinic Podiatry has seen is the personal development of their employees. Their staff are now in a position to take on management roles, and Active Foot Clinic Podiatry have been able to utilise this to expand their business using their employees rather than being completely reliant on the owners.

Since implementing the platform into their business the only staff changes that have been experienced has been people who really did not share the same values as the rest of the team and organisation.

Aside from incorporating the platform into Active Foot Clinic Podiatry’s staff onboarding process, they have also experienced more efficient recruitment processes as the owners, and management teams, have been more aware of finding people who are the right fit for the business.

All of these factors have been found to have significantly improved their workflow.

Human & Business Benefits

“I have seen companies put into attempts to address worker welfare, only to spend a lot of money and achieve only placebo results. This is a platform that addresses people on an individual level, bonds them with each other and the goals and values of the business. The platform is absolutely worthwhile. The security of knowing you have a contented, productive workforce gives not only peace of mind, but the confidence to push the team further to achieve even more. What I love most about the product is that it is about personal development, and yet it brings so many benefits to the business as well.”
Bill Wood

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