The Mind Insurance Philosophy

An organisation’s greatest assets are its people’s strengths. However, not everyone is clear about their strengths or how to make the most of them.

Our strengths based approach is a clear and positive route to enhancing employees’ contribution and engagement. Something we need in all organisations now more than ever before.

Mind Insurance partners with your team or organization to understand your aspirations and design the right strengths based solutions for you.

We measure the outcomes and help you see the tangible benefits of your investment and hard work.

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In-Person Facilitation

Mind Insurance workshops are tailored to each individual, however, can be delivered in a range of different formats to maximize learning and outcomes. They are designed for three potential audiences:

  • frontline team members
  • those in a leadership role
  • an intact team, including the leader.

Using the most highly validated Strengths Assessment tool in the world, and activities that have been empirically designed and tested over many years, we know that the individuals, leaders and teams who participate will gain enormous personal gains and contribute to organisational outcomes.


Our In-Person Facilitation sessions include:

  • Full-day and Half-day Facilitation Sessions with Mel Neil
  • Virtual follow up sessions held over Zoom 
  • Personal 1-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Tailor made solutions integrating the Happiness Lab, Strengths Development and the Mind Insurance Academy.

Virtual Emotional Intelliigence Coaching

We offer Virtual Coaching using the GENOS model. It is one of only two pure models of EI measurement, and also has predictive value for future performance. A six competency model that has application for Workplace Behaviours and Leadership Behaviours.

Participants will complete GENOS Leadership surveys followed by one on one virtual debriefs to discuss results and then development of Personal Action Plans to use as a learning reference. Workshops are then held virtually every six or eight weeks.

These workshops will be a perfect balance of the science behind the competency and a biased focus towards practical application and development activities specific to each competency.


The Genos Measurement Survey is the most valid psychometric tool measuring leadership behaviours. This gives the user high confidence that the results they are using to make changes and develop are valid, accurate and meaningful. Aside from it’s technical superiority, it also successfully predicts future performance and the survey results provide at least 12 months worth of coaching development, making it the highest ROI psychometric.

Integrated Learning

A big part of our Consulting and Coaching services include using every available tool to help guide participants in their mindfulness journey. These include using accredited programs such as the Strengths Profile, GENOS Surveys, and our very own programs: the Happiness Lab and Mind Insurance Academy.

Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab is an innovative and unique online, interactive platform where an individual can participate in activities that are empirically proven to increase well being. Supported by human touch points each person has their very own laboratory in which to discover how to leverage the science of flourishing.

Mind Insurance Academy

Our proudly non-affiliated and non-accredited learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance.

The Mind Insurance Academy is an online learning experience based on the science of positive psychology, human flourishing and neuroscience. 

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