Applied Emotional Intelligence

Nine courses packed with modules that will give you the knowledge and practical solutions to be a better leader, partner, colleague, friend, family member and community member.

Our proudly non-affiliated and non-accredited learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance.

EI in the Workplace

Want to develop your ability to more effectively develop great relationships and communicate with people? Would you like to be more effective in your problem-solving and critical thinking? Do you want the ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity?

In this self paced, online course you will learn everything you need to know about Emotions and Emotional Intelligence, including the top 3 competencies required to be successful in today’s work environment and the future of work. 

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Applied Emotional Intelligence




The Genos Measurement Survey is the most valid psychometric tool measuring leadership behaviours. This gives the user high confidence that the results they are using to make changes and develop are valid, accurate and meaningful. Aside from it’s technical superiority, it also successfully predicts future performance and the survey results provide at least 12 months worth of coaching development, making it the highest ROI psychometric.

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Applied Emotional Intelligence

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