The Mind Insurance Academy

Hand crafted academic courses that work to build human flourishing

Our proudly non-affiliated and non-accredited learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance.

What is the Academy?

The Mind Insurance Academy was built with one purpose: to share the science of human flourishing with individuals and organisations in a meaningful academic capacity.

The Academy’s hand crafted courses take deep dives into the science behind happiness: what makes us happy, how can we live a live full of happiness and meaning, and how can we spread that with those around us.

Our learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance.

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What makes the Mind Insurance Academy different:

Featured Learning Path

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Nine courses packed with modules that will give you the knowledge and practical solutions to be a better leader, partner, colleague, friend, family member and community member.

Wellbeing at work

Whilst wellbeing at work has been on the agenda for some years now, we still haven’t managed to fully integrate it into the daily business agenda.

Mental health injuries now outnumber physical injuries in the workplace. This is not only having a detrimental impact upon individuals and their families but is also impacting the bottom line of organisations as they struggle to find meaningful solutions to a complex problem.

Resilience has been the modern go to, but we need much more than that. Resilience is a natural outcome of an individual being able to develop the competencies necessary to protect against/reduce the risk of mental injury caused by the complexities of the modern workplace and its demands.

Developing a toolkit of resources to enable someone to be at their best includes:

  • Discovering their strengths and learning how to play to them everyday
  • Understanding what gives them a sense of meaning and purpose and how to build this into their daily work
  • Building positive relationships amongst their peers, reports, managers, customers and stakeholders
  • Cultivating an environment where there is more positivity than negativity
  • Learning what their values are and aligning more of their daily activities to those things which are most important to them
  • Setting and pursuing positive goals with healthy motivation

Enterprise Packages

We make sure to tailor each of our packages towards our client’s needs. These packages involve multiple touch points in the first six months to assist in embedding a Strengths-Based approach within the organization along with customizing our available Learning Paths to cater to your organizations needs.

While the workshops in these packages are tailored to each individual, they can however be delivered in a range of different formats to maximize learning and outcomes. They are designed for three potential audiences:

  • frontline team members
  • those in a leadership role
  • an intact team, including the leader.

Using activities that have been empirically designed and tested over many years, we know that the individuals, leaders and teams who participate in our packages using the Mind Insurance Academy will gain enormous personal gains and contribute to organizational outcomes.

What clients are saying:

"I love that the product is about personal development and yet it brings so many benefits to the business as well."

Bill Wood
Owner of Active Foot Clinic Podiatry
"The Mind Insurance platform has given our team the opportunity to pursue their own personal health and well-being while contributing to the growth of our organisation."
Chris Buckingham
CEO of Casey Cardinia Libraries

Powered by Learnbook LMS

Used by some of the top organizations in Australia

Learnbook is an enhanced version of the Moodle Learning Management System, the LMS used by some of Australia’s top organizations and Universities. Learnbook was designed to be a functional, informative user experience for learners on the go.

This hand-crafted learning management system has been customized to give Mind Insurance Academy users an authentic education experience where they can participate in activities that are empirically proven to increase well being supported by their fellow humans.

Users can even take the Academy on the go using the OpenLMS app that allows you to learn online or offline, anywhere in the world.


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